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Cancelled flights, missed connections, long layovers—what's the worst holiday travel story you've heard? Or experienced?
En route from Australia to China via Malaysia - the Malaysian airport officials thought I had bird flu, man that was an interesting experience given that I spoke no Malaysian and they spoke no English



*cough* Sorry about that, I just checked my emails when I got home from work at about midnight. I couldn't shout and dance happily without waking up people so I just had to satisfy that urge somehow!

Makes a nice change from the tense atmosphere at work because three people got fired today. I have no idea what for. At least I'm not working until close tomorrow as I have a 9-3 shift for a change. These sentences don't look quite grammatically correct (I tried to spell grammatically with two t's just then) and so I should probably get some sleep (if I can sleep) GRAGH

Life is actually really damn good right now

All I ever seem to do in this journal is bitch about my problems. As of right now, there are absolutely no problems to report and I'm pretty stoked with how life is going at the moment. Our Year 12 results were sent out yesterday and I got a 99.75 TER, which is more than enough to get me into the ANU course and even high enough to - possibly - earn me a scholarship, which would help out immensely. I contacted ANU today and will find out within a week if I have been awarded the scholarship. Since school finished I've started reading again; I barely read anything that wasn't a school text during the year, so I'm catching up now and am currently halfway through Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. We read a lot of her poetry in English this year and I am loving her book. Christmas is just around the corner. A Very Specky Christmas is also just around the corner. I am working my way through Through The Fire And Flames on GH3 and just have to master the twin solo on Hard, then I'll hell be able to beat it. I've managed to inspire a love of Lano and Woodley in my sister (I am still debating whether this negates her newfound love of Twilight.) There's a stack of wonderful comedy shows recorded and ready for my viewing pleasure in the morning. I now have a job as a kitchenhand at a local cafe; it's not amazing work, but  everyone is friendly and I get decent hours and pay.

'Tis the season to just be happy with life, I guess.

Also, I found the Umbies' Speedmouse DVD on sale at Cashies for $5. GET OUDDA DA CHOPPA SANTA CLAUS

Writer's Block: Doh!

It's the twentieth anniversary of the first Simpsons episode today. Who is your favorite Simpsons character—Ralph? Sideshow Bob? Ned Flanders? An actual Simpson?
For some reason, I've always loved Ned Flanders. I really have no clue why.

Officially graduating tomorrow!

Valedictory is tomorrow (technically it's today, because it's half past 12 and I still haven't gone to bed) and I'll have officially finished! No-one in our group aside from me is going to the dinner though; they think it's a waste of money. It is pretty expensive - $65 for a ticket - but I think it'll be a fun night. My other option is spending just as much on alcohol and getting pissed at Kate's house; sorry guys, but I'll pass on that one.

With all the time I now have to do whatever I like, I'm getting rather bored sitting around the house, so I'm going job-hunting on Friday and applying everywhere and anywhere. I'm not really fussed where I work, but knowing my luck, basketball will make things problematic in some way, shape or form :-)

One thing I have been doing is watching LOTS of comedy DVDs. Laura bought The Adventures of Lano and Woodley for me as a present, and I've gone through that pretty quickly; I watched the entire second disc last night, meaning I went to bed at about four-ish. I watched the first disc earlier on in the week. Now I just have to work through the commentaries...and the DAAS commentaries...and the Best of the MICF Gala DVD that I bought yesterday...and the episodes of shows that are building up on the Fox IQ...

It's a good thing that I have all these DVDs to watch though, considering that all my favourite TV shows are now disappearing from our screens. Good News Week is done for the year, as is S&S (aside from Specky Christmas) and Supernatural has dropped off Channel Ten's radar, which confuses me - there are still episodes we haven't seen, yet Ten is showing 90210 on Monday nights. Sigh.

One day I will actually post something that is not me purely ranting or complaining on here. That day is not today, however, as I'm going to bed :-)

Final exam in two days

I should be revising my Modern History notes but I'm updating this instead :-) I'm thinking about attempting a half-NaNoWriMo after Monday and trying to get something done in the time I have left, but whether I actually do it or not is another matter entirely. I'll just be so happy when these exams are over - for a little while at least, until I'm stressing over marks and TERS and uni applications ARGH.

The "Starquest" episode of Lano and Woodley was on today, and I really want to icon Col's SRS BSNS ranting, just so I can use it at every possible opportunity. I should get the DVD - speaking of DVDs, I'm waiting until Monday to watch the DAAS DVD again with the commentary on. My parents don't quite understand the fascination, but I did win Mum over by showing her the Edinburgh segment on the DVD, the kilts were classic.

Right, going back to revision now

Quick entry

It's ten to one and I'm too tired to post eloquently right about now, so dot point lists sound good

fakeFCKRemovehell yeah dot point listsCollapse )~

Okay, g'night everyone, I need some sleep now :-)
Like the title says, I've got heaps of work to do today so I'm just making a quick post for the sake of updating.

Finally some info about the Mikado here. Also wtf Bass why is a student ticket $10 more than an adult ticket?

School and exams are driving me insane, exams start in like two weeks and I'm still working on projects as opposed to revising which pisses me off; I was supposed to get a draft for an assignment back yesterday but I haven't received anything, which is unfortunately most likely a cockup on behalf of the dodgy school email system and not my teacher, who is lovely and actually agreed to give me extra time while she did my draft

Supposed to be having a pizza-and-movie night with Laura tonight but I'm struggling to get all my work finished, and procrastinating on LJ isn't helping so I'm going to go and write some essays now


P.P.S. I am genuinely disappointed that there is no "studious" mood tag because maybe if I tagged my entry with that, I could convince myself that that is how I actually feel

Writer's Block: Transportation

In the past they promised us jetpacks for the future. We’re still waiting. What is your ideal mode of transportation? Has it been invented yet?